Egypt’s Military Topples Muslim Brotherhood Ruling Party Then Labels Them Terrorists: Should We Be Worried This Could Happen in America?


Are the Muslim Brotherhood democratically-elected Patriots of the “Arab Spring,” or dangerous terrorists bent on creating political turmoil and unrest?  To answer this question accurately, one must first be aware of the political issues surrounding the question.  The current Egyptian “interim government” backed by the Egyptian military came to power after the military toppled Egypt’s democratically elected pro-Islamic President.  For those who might not know, the mass democratic movement known as the “Arab Spring” elevated Mohamed Morsi to power, for him only later to be removed from office by an Egyptian military that had been heavily funded ($1.3 billion) by the United States.  The U.S. denies involvement, as if you can deny 1.3 billion reasons to be involved, and has even gone so far as to revoke $260 million of Egypt’s military aid, suspended shipment of 14 F-16s and some tanks, but refused to go so far as cutting all financial assistance in the future.  Realistically speaking, that political possibility is highly unlikely, since in all honesty, those behind the curtain of secrecy in American foreign policy (and many in front of it) would like to keep the Egyptian military on the pay-roll despite appearances.  Why?  It is convenient to have American trained, supplied, and financially funded military units actively toppling any Islamic group like the Muslim Brotherhood when Middle Eastern countries (or any country for that matter) engage in “Arab Spring”-like revolutions that topple dictators and vote into power real political reform candidates that threaten the established pro-Western political, economic, and religious dominance in the Middle East. 

Two plus two equal four, and President Morsi was arrested, the Muslim Brotherhood were violently and systematically toppled from political power, outlawed, and now they have been declared a “terrorist organization.”  In other words, anyone who once voted for Mohamed Morsi for President after the Arab Spring in Egypt could now be suspected as a terrorist!  So the Egyptian military backed government (subsidized by U.S. taxpayers) that made this pronouncement, and who will likely continue to use the military for enforcement of it’s dire objectives could silence all future Democratic elections in Egypt.  This result would be counter to the stated objectives of American foreign policy to ensure free and fair elections be held as soon as possible to reinstall a new (presumably more palatable) elected President.  However, this repressive strategy may reawaken the Arab Spring in Egypt, and the state sanctioned terrorism against supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood will likely spark further unrest, and perhaps even a civil war similar to the one now occurring in Syria.  Perhaps the recent bombing coinciding with the military backed government’s announcement suggests the same “game-plan” has already been implemented. 

Also, if Egypt’s “Arab Spring,” and the people’s overthrow of Hosni Mubarak only led to a military counter-coup, to create a pro-Western puppet government bent on suppressing the Democratic process and making potential criminals out of a majority of the country for voting for the previous Islamic ruling party, then such a disturbing political tactic will likely cause horrendous ripple-effects that will subvert the democratic process in Nations that have elections around the world.  In other words, this type of blanket retroactive criminalization of political parties and voting may yet threaten the very concept of Democracy as we know it in the future!  Using American taxpayer funds to train and supply a military that thwarts the Democratic process, is the worst sort of “election engineering” any conspiracy theorist could ever imagine.  But if such a theory were accurate, then covert political collusion between America’s military-industrial complex, and Egypt’s pro-Western military forces amounts to an unjust subversion of the political process in Egypt simply because an anti-Western political party rose to power democratically.  Worse still, by criminalizing all those who support the Muslim Brotherhood, a majority of Egyptians who voted (the last time they were allowed to vote for President) may now be labeled supporters of terrorism by the state/military, beat up, rounded up, shot at, perhaps incarcerated (like the teenage girls recently arrested and given extensive sentences only to have them revoked, and then be released), or worse, even killed!  Reminds me of how the hippies, Vietnam War protesters, “tree-huggers,” “freedom riders,” and other Civil Rights advocates were treated in 1960s America.  So is this really what an Egyptian version of a state-sanctioned counter-revolutionary response really looks like?

“What difference does it make in my life?  I don’t live anywhere near Egypt!” one might ask or exclaim, but imagine if America’s CIA (or some other covert organization affiliated with our country’s military-industrial complex) actually is involved in the toppling of President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.   If so, then this tactic would fit the modus operandi of decades of C.I.A. operations in Latin America, South East Asia, and the Middle East to topple pro-Communist or pro-Islamic leaders when the democratic process in targeted countries elevated anti-Western leaders to power with a majority of their people’s blessings.  Cut to the present, if America’s government, or branches of America’s government, whether approved, or without Congressional approval, have been engaging in these types of covert activities globally in direct violation of international law for decades, then what is to stop “them” from doing the same thing in America if “they” do not like a potential election outcome?  Who is to say “they” have not already been actively involved in subverting the Democratic process in America for decades!  In fact, perhaps we already know who was behind the assassinations of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King (to name but a few), but we don’t want to admit it to ourselves.  For if we allowed ourselves to follow that train of thought to it’s logical conclusion, then for most of us it would mean we would have to admit we had been living in a country made of lies all of our lives! 

Furthermore, if an entire political party can be labeled as a “terrorist organization,” and all of it’s voters, “supporters of terrorism,” then all bets are off in the game we call “representative government.”  If a “hostile take-over” method of subverting democracy is allowed to thrive globally as a legitimate political tactic for any country’s military, then the trend will foster a political reality that makes it far too dangerous for the average voter to participate in the democratic process anywhere anymore.  Forget apathy, or low trust in government, if the U.N. (or the people of the U.S.) allow this disturbing political trend to proliferate, all the “free people” of the world considering whether or not to vote in any given election in the future will have to assume they might someday be retroactively labeled as “terrorist sympathizers” by any “interim government” that rises to power by American subsidized military groups determined to thwart by force their peaceful and legitimate votes.  Civility is to be replaced by hostility, Democracy by Dictatorship, paid for by American taxpayers no less, whether they know it or not.  So ask yourself, can we afford to stand by any longer waiting to be labeled as “terrorist sympathizers” ourselves simply for voting against, or speaking out against those who are the true enemies of our Constitutional and International Laws?  Or shall we rise-up together, and stop allowing our representatives to use our tax dollars to fund the Egyptian military?  If you are an American tax payer, ask yourself, why should we continue to aid Egypt’s military in a war on terrorism that turns the majority party of any country into a country of terrorists!  Why did a majority of Congress refuse to support Rand Paul’s efforts to cut all funding to Egypt once the so-called “popular uprising” backed by the military toppled Morsi’s government?  As American taxpayers, do we really want to  support those who covertly subvert “free and fair” elections, rather than tolerate and try to use diplomacy over force and manipulation against legitimately elected leaders they happen to dislike?  I am a pacifist, so I don’t wish to call anyone to arms, but I ask those using arms against peaceful supporters of reform in Egypt now, and in America in the past, how can you expect us to believe in Democracy, or that a “fair election” will ever be allowed to occur on this planet ever again, if you pass laws that turn relatively moderate voters into fundamentalist Islamic terrorist sympathizers or peace-loving teenagers into narco-terrorist sympathizers?  With that same logic, every American Patriot who founded this country, or fought against the British “Red Coats” was a terrorist, and everyone that gave quarter to the “minute men” and George Washington’s Continental Army were terrorist sympathizers!  Don’t believe everything that is reported on the news, political events can be so easily manipulated by those controlling the airwaves.  In our modern era, people can be labeled as terrorists, and bombs can be set off in unison to punctuate such absurd assertions, but that does not always mean that two plus two equals “terrorists.”


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