Maybe America’s Constitutional “Checks & Balances” Aren’t Moot Yet!

Judge: NSA spying ‘almost Orwellian,’ likely unconstitutional

In the Yahoo News link attached to this blog, a Federal District judge for the District of Columbia ruled in a recent opinion against at least one facet of the NSA’s spy program, called it “Orwellian” in scope, and suggested the war on terror could last forever!  Nice to know their might be hope that enough of us being outraged at the NSA’s unconstitutional acts and our government’s potential perpetual war on terror, might actually make a difference and create an impetus for reform, but how long do you think it will take for this ruling and court case to reach the Supreme Court’s docket? And how many other secret “dark” programs do you suspect “our government” has that we fund with our tax dollars that violate the Constitution on a regular basis? If the domestic and international policies of our government over the last two Presidential administrations have shown us anything, government transparency is necessary now more than ever! “The light of day” needs to pierce the veil of secrecy, before we all find ourselves locked or hiding in a “cave,”(whether a real cave, or one made of our own ignorance, apathy, or blind-patriotism) cowering in the dark, afraid of our own government. 
Don’t get me wrong, 9/11 was horrendous, and Muslim terrorists and extremists do exist, but that doesn’t mean we should stand by and quietly watch our government dismantle the last vestiges and freedoms of our Constitutional-Republic before our very eyes so we might be more safe, but less free. It is never acceptable for our government to suspend the Constitution, or any of the Bill of Rights in the name of national security.  Thus, this is one America citizen that is glad to see the American Federal Court system finally ruling against the NSA and their blanket-universal wide-spread violations of the 4th Amendment in an Orwellian fashion.  Please read more on the latest news on the subject from Yahoo news to discover further details.

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