Does “OBAMA-CARE:” Or is the Affordable Health Care Law Just Dead on Arrival (DOA) Socialism?

There appears to be a major disconnect between some people’s “horror stories,” and some people’s apparent realities with the “Obamacare” registration process.  But who to trust, a friend of a friend of a family member on FB, or a political source, posting propaganda, with a clear political agenda, attempting to spread fear and worry across the land?  I recently read someone’s FB post, and it said, “Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid weren’t all that popular when they were first signed into law either,” and so we all probably should give President Barack Obama’s Affordable Health Care Law a chance, since it is the “law of the land” now.  But my initial knee-jerk counter-argument to that comment was Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are still not all that popular, so don’t expect people to start falling in love with “Obamacare” just yet.

Socialism, is socialism, is socialism, regardless of the label you place on it, it is still bigger government, more inefficiency, more bureaucracy, likely more national debt, and thus, eventually it must inevitably lead to higher taxes.  But hey, if I can ensure my family for less than $100.00 per month, with a deductible that is actually realistic, considering what companies are paying people in America today, then great, sign me up for the Socialist “gravy-train” too!  Who wouldn’t take that kind of a sweet deal?  Perhaps someone who knows better than to think there is anything free in this world, might pause, and think again on the matter.  Surely, any wise person knows, there are always strings attached to anything touted as “free,” or “affordable.”  Such terms are sales gimmicks, not reality.  In this case, the “strings” are an increase in Federal involvement in the Health Care industry (particularly the insurance industry).

Now, at first glance that doesn’t sound all that bad now does it?  Regulate the insurance industry…  make them pay for once!  But the current result of that new political reality is the impetus for insurance “special interests” to try to do anything in their power to stop it.  They have already seen the “writing on the wall,” and have concluded that they will lose far too much money from Federal government intervention (regarding setting the price of insurance, instead of the “market” -i.e. themselves), and by the government changing the rules of the game (no more denying coverage for potentially costly to cover preexisting conditions).  So should it surprise anyone that they are using their financial and political influence in Congress and across the country to try to avoid that harsh reality, even if it means potentially causing a harsher reality yet, a Federal government default?

The Affordable Health Care Law is being touted by Republicans and Tea Party members (which some have very close ties with the insurance industry, or at least their campaigns have received large contributions from them) as the next major Socialist expansion of government control, inefficiency, and debt.  That may be a bit of an over-statement, but even though many loathe insurance companies, and their efforts to often make huge profits, without providing the coverage they’ve promised hard-working Americans, maybe in this one particular instance, we should give the Tea Party some credit, maybe they are right about something pretty important after all.  America’s Federal government, and American tax payers can’t afford to “hand-out” (or pay for) any more free money and services!

Likewise, the Socialist “dole” system is increasingly being abused by corrupt, unethical, and morally bankrupt individuals who abuse the medical system due to the lack of efficient and effective government over-sight over the programs they administer.  It would be great if only the truly needy utilized government services, and there was no abuse of the system, then costs might have actually been kept from skyrocketing over the last 40 or 50 years!  Perhaps not, since the large number of “baby-boomers” inevitably need more health-care now that they are reaching retirement.  But if the reality of Medicare and Medicaid in practice shows us anything, it is that these Federal programs have been a major revenue stream for far too many “medical test-happy” specialists, money-hungry corrupt doctors, and “bottom-line” hospital administrators over-billing their patients, and American taxpayers for far too long.  So I don’t see more government intervention into the current privately unregulated insurance system as necessarily improving things, since our government already appears to be unable to recognize when they are being screwed-over, and they are just as corrupt and inefficient as the health-care and insurance system they are now trying to regulate.  President Barack Obama may have had good intentions, and thought finishing what Hillary and Bill Clinton started regarding Universal Health Care would give him a lasting Presidential “legacy” beyond the striking political symbolism of being the first President with the color of his skin.   But the 1990s were a decade of prosperity, and promise, and our economy was thriving.  Now, with the country’s economy floundering, and massive increases in the national debt due to two wars abroad started by “Conservative-Hawks” (and oxymoron for sure)  from the GOP, more Socialism will not solve this Nation’s ills, no matter how well intended, it will only add to the list of diseases currently killing our country from both sides of the political spectrum.


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