America 2.0: A Grand Experiment Gone Wrong, Time to Take “Lessons Learned” to the Global Level

America, whether by design, coincidence, or divine intervention has been a grand political and societal experiment for establishing a tolerant heterogeneous society populated with people from around the world.  By all accounts, at this point, that experiment has largely been deemed a marvelous failure due to the greed of a few undermining the legitimacy of the government.  However, that does not mean it is not time to take the lessons learned from the American nation-state paradigm, and transcend it, to create a more efficient and effective political, economic, and societal system globally that embraces the multicultural diversity of the world, but yet still saves us from ourselves, before it is too late.

Some may view such potentially radical and revolutionary statements as support for a “New World Order,” and in many respects they are, but not for control and domination, but rather for benevolent guidance, and to ensure global tolerance, freedom, and responsible behaviors from nations, multinational corporations, and the diverse people’s populating this planet.  Our planet, like our Nation, is withering and appears on the verge of collapse.  Thus, what we need now more than ever is a new paradigm shift that transcends the primitive tribe/territory instincts of the past, the multinational corporate greed, resource depletion, and reckless environmental behaviors that have led to the nation-state/international conflicts of the present, and replace these self-destructive tendencies with a new enlightened perspective that recognizes we are all people’s of this earth that must find a way to live together without destroying each other.

Due to technologies like the internet, and global travel, we are now interconnected in ways that require global uniformity of purpose and action, with political, economic, and societal systems that tolerate, respect, and even display a hunger and appreciation for the unique cultural attributes that the people’s of the previous “Nations” of the World would provide a newly conceptualized United Earth.  America is bankrupt, China is dependent upon America for a market to sell their products, and the global economy is on the verge of collapse due to the political turmoil erupting with the United States over whether our government should be bigger or smaller now that it has already spent the next generations savings, and depleted many resources from neighboring countries.  Thus, the only logical course of action is to take the next step in our global evolution as a species and see the world as we would if we we’re orbiting above it, weightless, seeing the world as it actually is, a tiny fragile blue, green, and brown ball of life being torn apart by a species that cannot seem to live with each other without killing one another.  Our nations act like Lion prides, devouring each other for supremacy, so that they may be the leaders of the next generation.  But if we are to raise ourselves above the mentalities of our common mammalian ancestors, then we must elevate our thinking, and unify our political, economic, and societal institutions to protect our planet from the ignorance of human-kind so as to preserve our species, and the other life-forms on this planet.  To fall short of this lofty goal is to ensure the extinction of our species, and possibly the destruction of the diversity of living flora and fauna species currently in existence on the planet.

Do we want our children to inherit a diseased, divided, and devastated planet?  If our species yearns to multiply and prosper, then we must learn to do so together, rather than allow our politicians and ruling elite’s to continue to divide us for their own selfish short-term gains.  Right now Africa is a symbol of how the world’s resources are being stolen from developing nations by developed nations, and the mass suffering and extinction events caused by such unjust acts.  If all the people of the world with a moral conscience, who recognize the need for political, economic, and societal change wish to reverse this trend, then we must learn to speak and act with one voice, and force corrupt, entrenched, and unwilling power structures and hierarchies to succumb to the will of the peoples of the world who wish to ensure the greatest good for the greatest number of people living on this planet.  The current nation-state paradigm must succumb to the demands of those around the world who have seen the light, and recognize the path towards world peace, and prosperity yet again.  Not a prosperity or freedom for one country, built with resources, and laborers stolen from another country.  But rather, equality of opportunity with the freedom to pursue happiness for all people’s of the world regardless of where they were born.

Once this transition is made, then we can learn from American history, and try to ensure the harsh lessons and mistakes made here will not be repeated at the global level.  A new form of government would likely be warranted, based on proportional representation rather than a winner-take-all system, and a United Nations Congress or Parliament would be needed for creating the Planet’s laws.  Of course, an executive assembly, Global President, or Prime Minister would also be needed to ensure the enforcement of these new laws, and a Supreme International Tribunal would be wise for resolving disputes between different regions, political affiliations, or people’s of the planet.  Clear guidelines and rules of conduct would have to be enforced globally by the new limited government to ensure corruption, hate, racism, poverty, and other social-ills were not allowed to perpetuate or spread yet again to risk the collapse of the new global paradigm.

America was a beautiful experiment, our Founding Father’s designed a Constitutional Republic designed to ensure religious, political, and economic freedom after the Articles of Confederation proved too divisive and dysfunctional to the landed Aristocracy.  Two-hundred and fifty years or more later, we find our America on the verge of political and economic collapse yet again for similar reasons, but now on a global scale.  The destructive influence of multinational corporate greed, international conflicts, and the abuse of Socialist political programs by the people of America has left us in a precarious state.  Our empire, the largest economy in the world, has become “too big to fail,” but we are faltering, and leaving the entire planet on the verge of financial ruin.

So now that we the children of a new Millennium see the “writing on the wall,” and recognize we are in a new “New World,” plagued by old problems, old ways of thinking and old ways of acting, it is crucial we the people’s of the entire planet “seize the day,” and discover a new way forward.  A path towards greater understanding, that embraces the global wisdom of the past (both Western and Eastern, modern and indigenous), but utilizes the technological progress of the present, to ensure a better more united future for all humankind.  The children of this planet will either be a blessing or a curse to this planet in the future, and with a new political, economic, and societal system they will have a better chance to address the global challenges ahead.  Our children deserve a world where the most inspiring ideals of America are perpetuated, but without the fascism, authoritarianism, factional disputes, political graft, government spying, international and domestic conflict, massive federal debt and increasing poverty that plagues our nation today,  These diseases will inevitably lead to our country’s demise, it is already happening, anyone can see it, if they have not already been blinded by the lies of those who would keep us divided.

However, America’s and the world’s economic collapse can be avoided.  Our progeny need not live through yet another “Dark Ages,” like the one that plagued Europe after the fall of Rome.   If we will only force those currently in power to yield to our numbers and our valid arguments, and if we will take the necessary steps together to merge America into a new Republic “if we can keep it,” with all the other countries of the world.  A republic that is benevolent, and supportive of ideas, creativity, and freedom of expression, but that is tempered by the historical lessons of the past.  If we can take this next step in our species’ evolution, then we will have a “new and improved” more enlightened political, economic, and societal global community.  The time is now, will we act before it is too late, or are we destined to repeat the mistakes of the past over and over again as a species?


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