The Rise of the Chinese Dragon & the Fall of the American Eagle: How “Walmartism” and Cheap Chinese Manufacturing May Lead to WWIII

So much for the Transpacific partnership!  I think China made it clear today who is in now in charge, they told us to get our house in order or else. You guys really think President Obama is in control of anything? The Affordable Health Care Act, ending two wars, bailing Wall Street out of the Recession of 2008 (with cash we didn’t have), making the decision to let Seal Team 6 go ahead with the assault on Osama Bin Ladden’s compound (which led to his death), and a few other minor accomplishments is all he has got for a legacy currently.  So he and the Democrats are not going to give up on universal healthcare come what may, and so we might as well just fund the damn thing!  We must pull back from the economic and political divide that is creating an abyss that is currently undercutting our power and influence abroad.  Then when we aren’t about to collapse economically and politically, we can initiate a Constitutional Convention, and fix the corruption, the over-spending, the excessive influence of corporations and the wealthy over the people, and all matter of other issues we need to address (like our trade imbalances and inflation). But we shouldn’t allow 80 Tea Party politicians to throw the whole damn country under the bus, simply because they are willing to destroy the country to prevent Liberals from making sure everyone gets some kind of health insurance! 

President Obama needed to be in S.E. Asia right now for the ASEAN summit in Indonesia, and to display America’s continued close ties to pro-Western democratic-minded political and economic regimes in the region. Why?  Simply put, China is about to take over the region politically and economically, and their Navy has been patrolling the waters all over the entire region (making Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and even South Korea very nervous).  Japan is already talking about modifying it’s WWII treaty with the U.S. that prevented them from maintaining a more robust military presence in the region.  Australia is also beginning to worry about how America will be able to come to their defense as China continues to expand it’s influence in their area of the world.  

Many are beginning to think globally that we are all “fluff,” and promises, but with little substance regarding our commitments in the region.  China is pretty much set to take over S.E. Asia (politically and economically), and even Africa (in financial investments) at this point. They are out investing us, out maneuvering us, and are becoming key players globally in a way we haven’t in quite a while.  How are they doing all of this?  American tax-payers and consumers of course!

This political crisis may have been the last draw, I think we may have just lost our global hegemony over the world. Now, I see it as an economic and political competition between America, the EU, China, and Russia. With China (and the EU) rising in influence, and Russia and America just trying to dig themselves out of the nuclear defense spending of the Cold War that pretty much bankrupted both countries.  However, an American default and devaluation of the currency, may lead to a global collapse, hence China’s recent warning to shape up!  We as a country and an economy have become “to big to fail” even for them!

If we are going to be a global super power, then we have to be here. If we don’t want to be a global super power anymore, then we need to become isolationist.  But we can’t take the traditional Chinese approach now, without major unforeseen consequences to our own future economic and political progress, because China virtually owns 1.4 trillion of our future right now!  At this point, I hate to say it, but despite our five decades of money spent in the region already, it would be better for us to stay in the region, and serve as a counter-weight to China’s expansionist efforts.  Yes, even if it reveals a more open hostility between our two countries!  Why?  So we can defend democratic pro-western countries in the region, and so we can actually attempt to justify our default on our debt to them, since they will openly be our enemy at that point, instead of a covert economic one currently.

Defaulting on our debt to them will cause a war between our two countries, but at this point, it seems almost inevitable. Soon the Chinese will realize our nation’s tax-payers are not willing to stomach paying larger and larger amounts of their pay-checks in taxes to our own Federal government just to pay China what America owes them.  Defaulting on our debt, and starting a war with China to do it, will undercut our prestige, power, and economic influence abroad. Likewise, it will likely initiate World War III, and no one will win, there will only be losers. Dark days are ahead for America.  A fundamental shift in political and economic power is occurring internationally as we speak that will forever transform the power and prestige of America, because of the domestic squabbling occurring between our two political parties and the constituencies they represent.  If there was ever a time for Americans to come together for the good of our Nation, it is now.  The cultural war between the Religious and the Scientific-minded Humanists, must be set aside to be resolved another day for the preservation of our Nation.  Cheap prices from foreign products, reformed trade agreements, and the rise of multinational corporations with no political or economic allegiances to any countries has caused our American way of life to be placed in far greater jeopardy than any cultural differences we may be squabbling about now.  We can save those for the dinner table at Thanksgiving, and Christmas, if we have a functioning country by then!



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