Afghanistan: A Harsh Lesson of Wasted Time, Tax Money, and Human Life

The President of Afghanistan, Muhammad Karzi (the “puppet” politician America placed into power there after we toppled the Taliban), conveyed today that NATO and the U.S. have been the cause of “much suffering and loss of life” in his country, and have been unable to fulfill the promises we have made to them.  In fact, he is now actively trying to negotiate with the Taliban to become part of the political process there again (regardless of the potential back-lash it will have on women’s rights in the region) or the supposed progress we are supposed to have made there over the last 12 years.  Apparently, he is coming to the end of his term as President (after six assassination attempts against him no less, for being an American puppet), so I guess he is deciding to tell it like it is now, instead of towing the American line to the bitter end.

It is interesting that if left to their own devices, how most Muslim leaders will try to assimilate their religious fundamentalists, rather than further ostracize or provoke them (like we Americans tend to do).  I guess Egypt’s military must have been given some contrary advice to suppress such groups regardless of whether they were democratically elected or not.   Egypt’s democratically elected Muslim government has been toppled by an American funded Egyptian military that has shown a willingness to kill it’s own people to suppress Islamic political influence in the country.  Was this advice provided to them by America’s power elite, or did we just pay for the bullets, tanks, and helicopters?

Likewise, Iraq and much of the Middle East is now in the middle of a Civil War between the Shiites and the Sunnis.  Syria is using chemical weapons against it’s own people, whether it be the government doing it, or the “Rebels” fighting for their freedom and lives.  But we won’t do anything to topple the Asad regime, because we don’t want to piss the Russian’s off.  But hey, Secretary of State John Kerry is making some headway in Israel with the Palestinians, now that the wall has been built, and he is seeking yet another bid for President in 2016.

So how much U.S. tax-payer money and blood have we lost and spilled in the Muslim world now in the name of battling terrorism, preventing the use and spread of weapons of mass destruction, “nation-building” for democracy, and/or improving women’s rights?  Get real, they sacrificed our soldiers for oil!  Also, divide and conquer military and political tactics seem to be working against the Muslims currently to hijack the Arab Spring revolutions (and to keep other Muslim countries from gaining positive momentum), but American Imperialism and Christian dominance obtained through Middle East oil and suppression of the Muslim faith were the real reasons why we went to war in these nations, not winning the “hearts and minds” of Muslims who most Americans would rather see kill one another.

Conservatives like to talk about how much money President Barack Obama has wasted during his two terms in office, but they always seem to conveniently forget he inherited two wars, and an economy on the verge of collapse from the Republicans.  Now, thanks to him and other Democratic “doves” we will finally leave Afghanistan next year, too bad we couldn’t have learned from the Soviet Union back when we we’re financially and militarily funding the Mujahideen.  You know the group Osama Bin Laden was a member of back when he was being trained by the CIA to blow up shit!  Americans are our own worst enemy when we allow certain folks to practice foreign affairs without a conscience.  Shame on us, we did not learn from history, and thought we were immune to the lessons of previous empires.  We were dead wrong.


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