Our Nation was Founded by the Revolutionary Acts of a “Tea-Party,” Perhaps It Will Be Destroyed By One As Well.

Congrats Tea-Party, your “back-woods” narrow-minded, racist, xenophobic, fanatical passion for derailing anything “Obama” has magnified for the entire world how dysfunctional and fragile the GOP and our political and economic position in the global community really is!  Bravo, bravo!

It is clear you could care less about our standing in the global community, or whether the whole system comes crumbling down around us, so that your own “Apocalypse” can become a self-fulfilling prophecy!  Get a life folks, and stop trying to use our government to establish and support a narrow-minded religion (and political/religious agenda) in direct violation of the First Amendment.  You say you just want to reduce the size of government, reduce government corruption and waste, and put the Federal government back on track with the “true religious intentions” of the Founding  Fathers, but on the whole, most of you appear to be terribly misguided and misinformed.  You want your religious freedom, and to keep what you view as “undesireables” out of the country, but in reality, you really are the Taliban of America.

Nevertheless, if you will stop trying to rewrite our Nation’s Constitutional history, and if you will cease and desist your efforts to politically high-jack our secular political system (a system that in it’s greatest moments has always tried to stay out of America’s rich and diverse religious history), then we can ask the secular Scientists and Humanists to do the same, and maybe, just maybe, we can all figure out a way to live together in peace in this country (and perhaps even in the world) without ruining the whole utopian dream for our children’s sakes!  For you see, we really must all be able to “play nice” on the “human play-ground” together, because if we don’t, the proverbial “shit” is really about to hit the fan in this country and perhaps around the world!  Then, we really will miss the “good old days” when we could sit across the dinner table from one another in America, and argue about politics, while eating our giant and plentiful turkey dinners in relative harmony.

If you want chaos, anarchy, and a complete deterioration of society into barbarity, then keep stomping along the misguided political path you are dragging us down.  We are only a few more steps away from complete chaos and anarchy as a society.  We could be the next Syria, Egypt, or Iraq.  Hell, the next “dark ages” could be just around the corner!  If you don’t believe me, wait another month or two with no Federal government, and see how “civil” everyone remains in our “civilization.”  Wait and see how “social” everyone acts in our “society” then.  With 27 million Americans on food stamps no longer getting them, 45.6 million people below the poverty line, an unemployment rate that is under-reported, and only “essential” services being provided by our government, once the full faith and credit of the United States becomes defunct, then your self-fulfilling prophecy will have arrived to have a ripple-effect throughout the world (where many countries are doing far worse than ours currently).  Then, once all semblance of order has crumbled (perhaps globally), I imagine you really will have something to pray about, because the human animals who have been kept at bay by the threat of force and consequences from a functioning federal government will be at your door-steps looking for your turkey (and anything else they can get their hands on)!  Martial-law will be put into affect, and then where will all your political freedoms, and ability to practice your religion “as you see fit” be then?

This has been a public service announcement from me to all of you out there who would rather shut-down the Federal government than ensure all American citizens can have access to affordable health care, either because you don’t like our current President, or you don’t like how much your being taxed, and you think the government is too big.  Hey, to tell you the truth, I agree with you in most respects, but a government shut-down is not the right way to get your point across!  I honestly hope my dire predictions about our Nation’s future are completely off-base.  But if not, let us all together place pressure on the right people to ensure calmer heads prevail, to battle and reduce corruption and wasteful government spending, to tighten our Nation’s economic belt, but still try to fulfill the goals and ideals are government was founded to accomplish – “establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty upon ourselves and our posterity.”

Shutting down the government might seem like a cool and symbolic gesture for saving money, and making an important political point, but as a supposed “grassroots” strategy for initiating positive federal reform, it does nothing to assist our Nation’s leaders towards accomplishing the lofty goals our Constitution’s Preamble guarantees our government was ratified into existence by the States to fulfill.  Shutting the government down when it is in the political and economic condition it is currently in, is like stopping the heart of your patient on the operating table (and placing them in a coma) because you already know they are on the verge of death.  Tea-Party members and supporters, if you want real political change and a reduction in the size of our Federal Government, then go through the legitimate constitutional process to initiate a Constitutional Convention for amending the Constitution.  You won’t do that though, because you know you don’t have the numbers to gain or remain in power if you did.  A Constitutional Convention would cause you to lose more power rather than gain it.  You guys are like the South before the Civil War!

But for you 80 House of Representative “Congresspersons” trying to stop “Obama-care” by shutting down the government, a personal message from me, don’t be surprised if your political “cure” to our Nation’s spending problems doesn’t end-up being far worse than the disease itself!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find it truly ironic that what Southerners called a “Black Republican” (Abraham Lincoln’s) election (the election of an abolitionist) led to America’s first Civil War, and now the election of a half-Black President, and his efforts to provide all Americans (including poor black ones) with affordable healthcare may actually eventually led to a political and economic chain-reaction that could cause America’s second great Civil War (or even the Nation’s collapse).  So in the final analysis, our Nation’s ruling elite, the multinational corporate executive “plantation owners” don’t want to be forced by the government (or a majority of America’s people) into taking better care of their “slaves.”  We truly don’t learn from our history do we?


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