Live Free or Die? Then, I guess NSA monitoring will lead to the death of us all…

When I was young, I was naive enough to believe one could truly live free in America, now that I am older, I realize freedom is only a concept that a few truly believe in.  It is too dangerous an idea for most, because many people have insufficient self-restraint to truly practice “free-will.” This realization should help to explain why freedom is praised as a concept within democratic societies, but it’s actual practice and public display are highly discouraged by those in power.  Unless such displays have been sanitized, pre-approved, and edited for content, they will otherwise be censored.

This political truism is why poets, artists, and teachers have historically been targeted by governmental entities around the world as dangerous, and potentially revolutionary.  It is also why Facebook and other forms of mass social-media have become so dangerous to the established and entrenched power systems currently operating around the world.  However, the medium itself has become the new opiate of the masses, simultaneously distracting us, while being utilized as a data collection system for undermining our privacy.  It is a shame, that such a powerful tool for increased connectivity, increased tolerance, increased understanding, and yes, increased freedom, is being co-opted and turned against the masses as a means of snooping on our public and private lives.  But now that it can be used to isolate, locate, and track the activities of those actually trying to live free, it has become a highly effective political tool for tracking real and perceived enemies of the state, whether they be terrorists, or just patriots trying to “live free or die.”  After all General John Stark, a New Hampshire hero of the American Revolution was right, “Death is not the worst of evils.”  I believe living in a social construct founded on lies, deceit, manipulation, oppression, repression, and continuous monitoring to be far worse.

If you are alert enough, or perceptive enough to “notice the man behind the curtain,” the shock of realizing the “freest Nation in the World” was all a lie should compel you to ask the following questions?: 1) In the future of humankind, will any of us ever have the opportunity to truly ever live free again, or will we always only be allowed to play our parts in an elaborate societal play?  Was “Freedom” the new “God” of the Enlightenment era, and if so, what part will “Science” and “Technology” play in our next great global delusion?  “America’s” National Security Agency (NSA) has been giving us a few hints (for answering these questions) lately for those who have noticed.  But if your still not convinced, try to answer this final question for me; When one’s own government engages in treason against the Constitutional principles it was tasked with protecting, at what point does a Patriot fighting against such acts of treason become a terrorist (or at least labeled as such by the State)?  You get to find out the answer to this last question independently (at your own pace) based on the exact extent to which you chose to actually live free.  So be careful, of your own free-will, you have just chosen to read  a controversial piece of political literature (all the way to the end) which is likely to speed-up your chances of being targeted by the State as a potential free-thinker and status-quo changing trouble-maker!   Have a free day!  🙂


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