Why America as a Nation Needs a Change of Political & Economic Perspective

Last I checked, America is still the largest economy in the world, but our Nation’s government has become a financial liability to it’s own citizens, due to it’s inability to pay for it’s promises and obligations both at home and abroad.  It’s excessive military spending on global domination projects and preemptive wars in the name of “National defense” have left us all well-protected domestically on paper, but foreign policy decisions based on fueling an unrealistic American Dream have also inevitably lead to a broad global resentment towards “resource-acquisition based” American foreign-policy in general.  Likewise, by spending so much time, effort, and tax payer money on “entangling alliances,” the military-industrial complex has turned it’s back on domestic concerns (i.e. the American people) and has initiated a crippling institutional and infrastructural decay that has served to rotten the entire system from the inside-out.

Some potential solutions to heal America, (and perhaps the world) based on simple deductive reasoning taken from my political analysis above:
1) Our leaders should not be allowed to make promises they can’t keep (hold them accountable for a lie, or for breaking their word);
2) We should spend less on National Defense and recognize preemptive strikes are offensive, not defensive in nature;
3) All Americans should live within their means, and recognize a materialistic mind-set does not guarantee happiness, especially when you have to walk-over all those who are made miserable by your greed;
4) Perhaps if we are not ready to live on this planet as one people, we should focus and learn to live with each other as one nation, before we try to tell everyone else how to live;
5) In the short run, lets do something novel as a citizenry, and demand Congress to pass a budget, get the President to sign it, then get them to pass a balanced-budget Amendment, and hold them to it;
6) In the long run, lets bring health back to the entire system by investing in those who make up the fabric of that system – i.e. the American people;
7) Focus less on global domination, and more on political, cultural, athletic and artistic pursuits that enrich society as a whole – i.e. you know, all the interests (Recess, P.E., Music, Art, and now even Social Studies) they are currently cutting from the modern American public education system!  Education reform must become a priority, so as to avoid increasing the number of drop-outs, because school should not become a place solely to prepare a select few students to pass their standardized tests so they will be rewarded with the honor of becoming high performing robotic slaves to the authoritarian corporate earth-killing, nation-eating machines while a vast majority of America’s citizenry (and the rest of the world) are left to become the perceived biggest part of “the problem.” 

Liberalism may lead to lazy citizens, but Conservativism leads to callousness.  Seems to me, America is suffering from a little too much of both right now.      


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