The Spiritual Changes Arising From the De-evolution of the Modern Man Back to His More Primitive Nature

New-Age spirituality, likely Native-American inspired, clearly has a common-core with much older indigenous polytheistic religions.  It is fascinating how many have begun to adopt these far more “traditional” belief systems, despite the dogged efforts of newer monotheistic religions that have arisen only within the last 2000 years or so to indoctrinate and assimilate them into nonexistence.  However, the counter-cultural movement arising from the “baby-boomers” adoption of Beat Movement ideals, Eastern philosophy, environmental preservation, vegetarianism, etc. and the perpetuation of these ideals (albeit via a new form of commercialization and profiteering from the “fad” followers and their progeny) has led to an increase in “non-traditional” religious persons, or completely secular non-religious individuals as well. 

Likewise, more primitive decorative body ornaments and artistic tattoo designs once only worn by pirates, sailors to the South Pacific, and other social untouchables, have become the new norm for today’s youth.  Which should make one wonder, what is the primary cause of a return (or perhaps a yearning for a return) of the technological capitalistic man to the primitive communal one of old?  Why is the refined and intelligent modern-man so often now searching for his unkempt, primitive, cave-man nature?  After all, is this not what “keeping it real” in the hip-hop culture has been all about? 

Modern monotheistic religious notions coupled with more modern political ideals justify the conquering over of nature for our own colonial or capitalistic use.  Sir Francis Bacon taught us God wanted us to trim and prune the wild places into nonexistence, so as to gain control over something our species has always secretly feared since Adam ate the apple.  The church has long utilized both heavy-handed and paternal-like influences to systematically and simultaneously conquer over the inner-nature of all indigenous peoples.  Ancient remedies, knowledge, and practices have gone extinct, due to the inquisitional tactics of monotheistic church organizations trying to erase the past, to build a brighter future.  But in the process, what is natural, has been turned into something that is unnatural and perhaps even evil.  These illogical and counter-productive religious conclusions have served to alienate us from our mammalian ancestral roots based on hunting and gathering or agrarian lifestyles.  Perhaps this Is why so many today are seeking answers to their questions about the meaning of life in non-traditional ways, and in less formal settings.  Many now see God everywhere and in everything, so why would they need to go to a church to appreciate the wonders that such a creator had created not for them, but including them, to be part of the experience, part of the fabric of life, to enjoy and appreciate outside?  For that matter, why would they want to participate or perpetuate an economic and political system that contributed if not orchestrated the destruction of everything that was most heavenly to them?  Why can’t sitting around the campfire, engaging in fellowship with your fellow man, and appreciating all the beauty and wonders that have arisen from the artist creator of many names not suffice as worship in the modern age? 

Why must I enter a house of judgment, and be looked-down upon by those who see me as a sinner, unless I look like them, talk like them, and share their “cookie-cutter” religious views to the letter?  My apologies, but I am not a self-diluted, religious robot zombie whose only programing for understanding the world comes from one book, and who is unwilling to recognize when they are being manipulated by profiteers, politicians, and would-be “snake-oil” salesmen performing “miracles.”  For me, a sunrise or a sunset is a miracle, each breath I take is a miracle, the smile my newborn daughter makes when she sees my face is a miracle.  I believe most of the activities that go on inside a church are more spectacle than miracle. 

The best church I ever visited was at the base of a large waterfall in Alaska, the light shimmering through the water vapor created rainbows everywhere, and the edges of the stream were surrounded by wild-flowers,  King salmon fought their way up the stream struggling to create the next generation of salmon fry before they died.  I had many revelations meditating there on a large rock in the center of the stream, considering the lessons of life around me.  I understood that the rock was strong, but that the water and time were stronger.  I recognized that if I could be like the water, and less like the rock, I would be stronger and happier as well.  So now I try to go with the flow, and try to avoid being too rigid or uncompromising.  This is counter-intuitive to the lessons being taught in our modern churches.  Despite that, there are many lessons within nature that we have lost by avoiding nature, but we must conserve enough of the wild places in this world, so that we will be able to find those lessons again and again.  For that is why modern man seeks spirituality by communing with nature, he or she is trying to relearn the old wisdom, they recognize their connection with nature and it’s connection with them, and they wish to learn from that connection.  It is why we fish, it is why we hunt, it is why we climb, why we hike, why we kayak, off-road bike, cross-country run, ski, surf, and camp, we do these things, because we are mammalian animals who hear the call of the wild and must roam free!  We must not let them kill the animal within us with their white, sterile, ammonia-smelling cages, or their lily-white notions of Christian civility. 

If I eat with my hands, cook my dinner over an open fire, and live in a hut, I am still a man, and should not be judged lacking, simply because I’ve been unable to climb a materialistic ladder bejeweled with modern conveniences I will never be able to afford since I was born a “savage” in a “developing Nation.”  Likewise, how can you have the arrogance to assume your newer monotheistic religious beliefs are superior to the older polytheistic beliefs of me and my ancestors?  Thus, in the final analysis, the hypocritical nature of combining technology, manufacturing, capitalization, colonialism, and Christianity to establish a new world order (a false idol) to be worshiped by all global consumers, may yet serve to disenfranchise a sufficient number of people to cause the greatest impetus of religious, political, and economic change to ever have occurred in the last 20 centuries across the globe.  Or, a natural or man-made disaster will arise due to political or economic conflicts inflamed by religious tensions, and a cataclysmic event will occur that will provide mankind with the opportunity to arise from the ashes of his own virtual self-destruction, and we will learn the old lessons and spirituality anew.  The fact that people are learning these lessons now only proves a desire among some to try to make the transition less devastating to the evolution of the species.                    


The Spirituality of Surfing

Surfers are truly unique individuals, they willingly swim into “beat-down” walls of water that could drown them in an instant. They rise above all the turbulence, take a moment to settle in after they’ve gotten past the abuse, then find their perfect wave, and paddle into it. Once they find the right timing, and feel themselves meshing with the power of the water they are immersed within, they use their incredible athletic ability (just the right mix of strength and balance) to push themselves up onto a tiny board they have no business on. Once aboard, they position themselves to glide across the front, or ride to the top of “their” wave, borrowed from Mother Nature for just a moment, to hydroplane across the top of the water. It is a beautiful site to see when a surfer becomes one with the wave they are riding upon, it is like watching a bird sailing on the wind. Continuous alterations in balance and muscle movement to use the power to propel them forward. No wonder afterwards, when the ride runs it’s course, they feel compelled to turn around, and paddle right back out into the abuse. It is for those moments of perfect freedom, when all else falls away, and there is nothing else left but them, the wave, the wind, and the power of the moment. They practice an athletic art-form, and become one with nature instantaneously. It is more than it’s parts, more than just swimming, paddling, riding on a board, it is truly spiritual. Or so I hear…I envy them.

Live Free or Die? Then, I guess NSA monitoring will lead to the death of us all…

When I was young, I was naive enough to believe one could truly live free in America, now that I am older, I realize freedom is only a concept that a few truly believe in.  It is too dangerous an idea for most, because many people have insufficient self-restraint to truly practice “free-will.” This realization should help to explain why freedom is praised as a concept within democratic societies, but it’s actual practice and public display are highly discouraged by those in power.  Unless such displays have been sanitized, pre-approved, and edited for content, they will otherwise be censored.

This political truism is why poets, artists, and teachers have historically been targeted by governmental entities around the world as dangerous, and potentially revolutionary.  It is also why Facebook and other forms of mass social-media have become so dangerous to the established and entrenched power systems currently operating around the world.  However, the medium itself has become the new opiate of the masses, simultaneously distracting us, while being utilized as a data collection system for undermining our privacy.  It is a shame, that such a powerful tool for increased connectivity, increased tolerance, increased understanding, and yes, increased freedom, is being co-opted and turned against the masses as a means of snooping on our public and private lives.  But now that it can be used to isolate, locate, and track the activities of those actually trying to live free, it has become a highly effective political tool for tracking real and perceived enemies of the state, whether they be terrorists, or just patriots trying to “live free or die.”  After all General John Stark, a New Hampshire hero of the American Revolution was right, “Death is not the worst of evils.”  I believe living in a social construct founded on lies, deceit, manipulation, oppression, repression, and continuous monitoring to be far worse.

If you are alert enough, or perceptive enough to “notice the man behind the curtain,” the shock of realizing the “freest Nation in the World” was all a lie should compel you to ask the following questions?: 1) In the future of humankind, will any of us ever have the opportunity to truly ever live free again, or will we always only be allowed to play our parts in an elaborate societal play?  Was “Freedom” the new “God” of the Enlightenment era, and if so, what part will “Science” and “Technology” play in our next great global delusion?  “America’s” National Security Agency (NSA) has been giving us a few hints (for answering these questions) lately for those who have noticed.  But if your still not convinced, try to answer this final question for me; When one’s own government engages in treason against the Constitutional principles it was tasked with protecting, at what point does a Patriot fighting against such acts of treason become a terrorist (or at least labeled as such by the State)?  You get to find out the answer to this last question independently (at your own pace) based on the exact extent to which you chose to actually live free.  So be careful, of your own free-will, you have just chosen to read  a controversial piece of political literature (all the way to the end) which is likely to speed-up your chances of being targeted by the State as a potential free-thinker and status-quo changing trouble-maker!   Have a free day!  🙂

President Obama “Punts” to Congress on His “Red-Line” Ultimatium to Likely Avert Blame For Start of WWIII

Why is President Obama letting Congress decide if he will use a military strike to respond to President Asaad’s alleged use of chemical weapons on his own people?  1) It is the right thing to do Constitutionally; 2) It is the right thing to do Democratically; and 3) It gives the U.N. time to conduct and conclude their investigation, and perhaps decide how they would like to respond.  But perhaps most importantly, the delay allows Obama to take the constitutional moral high-road while deflecting the future blame for starting World War III to the U.S. Congress! 

But consider this, even if Congress tells Obama to sit on his hands, and France decides to go it alone, and attacks Syria (despite Asaad’s warnings), and then Syria counter-attacks France &/or Israel.  What would happen next?  Israel would go bat-cacca-crazy and would attack Syria and/or Lebanon, and then the U.S. would of course come to the aid of it’s Middle Eastern ally.  Well, then Russia would likely respond (since their only seaport to the Atlantic is in Syria), and then Iran would get more directly and overtly involved.  Then, who knows what China would do!  Either way, we really would have the makings for the largest global conflict since WWII. 

Then Great Britain (and other EU countries) would likely begrudgingly follow France, Israel, the U.S., and ironically the “Arab League,” and the Free Syrian Army forces into battle against President Bashar Asaad’s Syrian Government led military, with Iran, Lebanon, and Russia as the new “axis of Evil.” 

However, one could expect North Korea might use the opportunity of the U.S. being preoccupied to finally strike out against their wealthy sister – South Korea, and China might likely strike out against her long-estranged daughter Taiwan, and Japan, and perhaps even the Philippines would be ripe for the picking with the U.S. busy elsewhere.  But we would have to honor our own peace treaties and commitments to protect our allies in the region, so we would find ourselves at war with China at the same time we were at war with Russia and the Middle East!  Talk about what a mess that might be!  So when one looks at the bigger international picture, I guess President Obama has a very good reason to “punt” this political hot-potato to Congress, rather than implement a “one-man approach” military strike against a country that has not directly provoked the U.S. to ensure the international enforcement of a 100 year old chemical weapons ban treaty that the U.N. should be tasked with enforcing.  The international picture is not looking so good for the U.S. to go around flexing it’s muscles every time a second-rate dictator does (or does not) decide to display his power in an internal civil dispute.  We should at least determine if the chemical “evidence” of the bombings in Syria prove the government was involved and not the Rebels.   

The War on Terror: Why Must America Now Stay In A Perpetual State of War With The Middle-Eastern World?

Anyone wonder what “sustainable security” in Syria or the Middle East is supposed to look like?  I get the impression from recent “debacle” comments against Obama, that the Conservative position is that we need to regain a foot-hold in the region in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.  If we elect a Republican in 2016, must we really go back to war in the region?  Do we have to wait that long, or will Obama convince Congress to rubber-stamp his “red-line” foreign policy threats and oblige us the same fate?  And if so, either way, how are they (i.e. we) going to pay for it all?   Are they going to use the spoils of war (Arab Oil) to pay for it all?  If so, don’t they know those sources are already being depleted (and we gave away Iraq, now thought to have more oil than originally imagined), but we already have plenty of oil in North Dakota to frack?  Furthermore, further American involvement in the region will only serve to bolster the arguments of our enemies, and further radicalize the region.

“Sustainable security” in the Middle East of the type I think they are suggesting sounds like double-speak for a continued form of American imperialism reminiscent of “Manifest Destiny” or the “White-Man’s Burden,” but this time it’s oil instead of gold, the Arabs are the Indian/African “savages” and Islam is the heathen belief system that must be eradicated at all costs!  If we wish to destabilize the entire region, we should rush into war, and blindly be lead by the terrorists to do exactly what they expect us to do – “Play with the Middle East like a money with a hand-grenade.”  What a great and telling quote by Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister!  The only problem being that lost within that quote, there may be a method to America’s madness, and our leaders may actually want to blow it all up (or destabilize the region to deter democracy that leads to Islamist nations) so they can “bomb them back to the stone ages, and pave the desert over with a parking lot.”  I’ve heard this sentiment expressed by far too many of my countrymen to think it might not be a guiding principle of America’s current foreign policy agenda.  No one should be fooled, “sustainable security” is either direct American domination and assimilation of the region, or indirect domination and assimilation via pro-American dictatorships or adoption of pro-American forms of government with pro-American election outcomes.  Otherwise, nothing else will be tolerated or allowed to grow and flourish.  If you don’t believe this conclusion, ask the Egyptians.

Why America as a Nation Needs a Change of Political & Economic Perspective

Last I checked, America is still the largest economy in the world, but our Nation’s government has become a financial liability to it’s own citizens, due to it’s inability to pay for it’s promises and obligations both at home and abroad.  It’s excessive military spending on global domination projects and preemptive wars in the name of “National defense” have left us all well-protected domestically on paper, but foreign policy decisions based on fueling an unrealistic American Dream have also inevitably lead to a broad global resentment towards “resource-acquisition based” American foreign-policy in general.  Likewise, by spending so much time, effort, and tax payer money on “entangling alliances,” the military-industrial complex has turned it’s back on domestic concerns (i.e. the American people) and has initiated a crippling institutional and infrastructural decay that has served to rotten the entire system from the inside-out.

Some potential solutions to heal America, (and perhaps the world) based on simple deductive reasoning taken from my political analysis above:
1) Our leaders should not be allowed to make promises they can’t keep (hold them accountable for a lie, or for breaking their word);
2) We should spend less on National Defense and recognize preemptive strikes are offensive, not defensive in nature;
3) All Americans should live within their means, and recognize a materialistic mind-set does not guarantee happiness, especially when you have to walk-over all those who are made miserable by your greed;
4) Perhaps if we are not ready to live on this planet as one people, we should focus and learn to live with each other as one nation, before we try to tell everyone else how to live;
5) In the short run, lets do something novel as a citizenry, and demand Congress to pass a budget, get the President to sign it, then get them to pass a balanced-budget Amendment, and hold them to it;
6) In the long run, lets bring health back to the entire system by investing in those who make up the fabric of that system – i.e. the American people;
7) Focus less on global domination, and more on political, cultural, athletic and artistic pursuits that enrich society as a whole – i.e. you know, all the interests (Recess, P.E., Music, Art, and now even Social Studies) they are currently cutting from the modern American public education system!  Education reform must become a priority, so as to avoid increasing the number of drop-outs, because school should not become a place solely to prepare a select few students to pass their standardized tests so they will be rewarded with the honor of becoming high performing robotic slaves to the authoritarian corporate earth-killing, nation-eating machines while a vast majority of America’s citizenry (and the rest of the world) are left to become the perceived biggest part of “the problem.” 

Liberalism may lead to lazy citizens, but Conservativism leads to callousness.  Seems to me, America is suffering from a little too much of both right now.