The Cairo Massacre: Did the CIA hijack the Arab Spring?

In case anyone was wondering just how bad it is getting in Egypt, check out the recent photo footage coming out of Cairo right now.  I know our government is claiming to not be involved, but I just hope the CIA or U.S. military didn’t decide to covertly use our political and economic influence to encourage the Egyptian military to topple a democratically elected President simply because he was associated with a political party or religious sect that was likely to be anti-Western.  If we are going to overtly support the spread of democracy abroad, then we can’t covertly decide to undermine democratically elected Presidents when their legitimate rise to power doesn’t serve American interests.  We have a history of doing this in Latin America and Southeast Asia when the outcomes of democratic elections elevated political parties to power that didn’t serve Western capitalist goals. 

But clearly, we need to get out of the coup business, and start respecting the election results of foreign countries (if they are legitimate), to regain some semblance of respect and dignity internationally ourselves.  With Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, the Sudan, and now Nigeria (and Afghanistan just waiting for U.S. withdrawal to find itself in the same situation) they are all on the brink of (or engaged in) violent internal conflicts, and the Sunnis and Shiites are ready to exterminate each other.  Thus, it would appear all the positive potential that could have resulted from the Arab-Spring and America’s “Nation Building” efforts were all largely a waste of money, lives, and time. 

But on the other hand, if you believe those influencing the Bush administration intended to destabilize the region by invading Iraq, toppling a dictator, and creating an opportunity for democratic ideals to actually split the nation into two distinct warring factions – i.e. using democracy as a “divide and conquer” tactic – then they implemented an incredibly shrewd (albeit immoral) foreign policy plan that will ensure the region is destabilized and warring with itself for decades to come (rather than fighting with us). 

However, destabilizing conflicts across the Muslim world (and particularly in Egypt) may make domestic “big oil” companies richer, but rest assured it won’t make our gas (or other imports) any cheaper for the American consumer!  It will take an additional two weeks to ship anything from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, because they will have to ship everything around the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa instead of through the Suez Canal!  Likewise, it is a lot harder to extract oil, process it, ship it via pipeline, and then by oil tanker in a war-torn region, than it is to extract it from domestic sources.

Nevertheless, the international community does seem to legitimately want to put an end to the violence in Egypt much quicker than in some of the other Muslim countries like Syria or Iraq.  The problem is, there will be no easy solution in Egypt, because now that the Muslim Brotherhood knows they can no longer use the political process to accomplish their goals – i.e. that the deck is stacked against them – they have no other options than to surrender, assimilate, and support pro-Western candidates, or become martyrs to the Muslim faith.

Thus, Egypt is on the verge of civil war, and should anyone really still have to wonder who is really to blame?  One thing is for sure, there will be far more losers than winners once the normal operations of the Suez canal are impacted.  The latest carnage from the Cairo massacre reveals chaos is now reigning supreme in Egypt.  America’s projected budget to the Egyptian military next year is 1.3 billion.  Which makes me wonder how much American tax dollar funds were spent to fund the Egyptian military’s recent coup against the Muslim Brotherhood?  Of course America will never admit it, but will anyone be surprised if a few decades from now we find out we paid for the Egyptian bloodshed that is occurring currently in Cairo? 

Obama, the E.U., and even most western news agencies don’t appear to want to call the toppling of Morsi a “coup” or attacking peaceful sit-in protesters a “massacre.”  Why?  Because they have toppled a democratically elected President with force, and are now using state-sanctioned repression tactics to oppress and terminate supporters of Morsi in the name of continuing the “People’s Revolution.”  So my only question is, when did the U.S. hijack the Arab Spring, and will we ever allow the Muslim people to use democracy to elect anti-Western leaders?  If not, then why should they ever again agree to use western political ideals like (freedom, justice, democracy, equality, majority rule, minority rights, voting rights, elections, and peaceful transitions between ruling parties ) as founding principles for their new forms of government in the future?        

On a side-note, for some reason, this all reminds me too much of how the counter-cultural movement in America was treated (and how anti-western governments in Latin America were treated) when they tried to create a different political, economic, and spiritual way of life in America (or abroad), and were attacked, incarcerated, or killed by National Guardsmen, the military, and other law enforcement officials for the next four decades during the War on Drugs.  Perhaps the War on Terror is the War on Drugs 2.0?


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