U.S. Multinational Corporations Lack Sufficient Patriotism For American’s To Purchase Their Products & Services

The covert political and economic purposes of G.A.T.T., N.A.F.T.A., & the W.T.O. have finally “run their course,” because multinational corporate “fair trade,” out-sourcing, and relocation of manufacturing to more “favorable” (cheaper and less regulated) business locales have undercut the American middle class, and appear ready to cripple the progress of the Progressive movement, the Labor movement, the Civil Rights movement, and the Environmental movement in America (and perhaps around the World) all with the stroke of a pen.

R.I.P. American manufacturing, the Middle-Class, & Detroit, Michigan.

Which city will fall next?

Which state?

Can the Federal Government file Chapter 11 as well?  If so, why hasn’t it already?  Are the Austerity measures and Sequestration the first steps towards implementing just such a scheme?

More importantly, when did it became a viable political or economic option for a city to file Chapter 11?

A government and a business have never been the same thing, they have never been run the same way (Ross Perot made that clear years ago), so when did bankruptcy (emphasis on “bank”) become a way for a political system to turn it’s back on “social contract” obligations -i.e. cutting pensions to public employees who worked their whole lives in service to their communities?

What we really need to do now in this country is not let them pull the wool over our eyes.  When a city like Detroit has substantial “white flight,” then an African-American city government manager lackey is hired for a good ol’ boy Republican Governor to make filing bankruptcy seem legitimate, it doesn’t pass the smell test.  It doesn’t pass the “smell test” at the Federal level either!  Thus, we the People, of these United States need to file a federal “governmentruptcy,” and “kick the bums out” of Congress on both sides of the aisle for selling the American Dream down the Yangtze river!!!

For the fall of America’s manufacturing capital, reveals clearly that the time has finally come for a massive political reorganization that ensures America’s middle-class gets back what is owed to them.  I’m not talking about Communism, or Socialism, I’m talking about “compassionate capitalism.”  The free market system has to correct itself, with the help of American citizen voters and consumers.

Major corporations doing business in America (or that have claimed to be American companies, but have most of their manufacturing and capital abroad) must be taxed more aggressively by all the States and by the Federal government.  The American corporate world must be compelled to do more to revitalize America’s economy. American citizen voters and consumers have the means and the power to make this happen.   If they pay their fair share of taxes, bankruptcy of governmental bodies will become a “dead on arrival” political/economic concept.

Thus, raising taxes and/or removing tax loop-holes on corporations is now more essential than ever, even if it means corporations can’t afford to pay their corporate executives multi-million dollar bonuses and “golden parachutes” when they realize rampant capitalism and greed without any concern for the “greater good” of the Nation has lost favor among patriotic Americans willing to boycott their products and “throw the bums out” for bankrupting America.

If we don’t do something now, the next time American workers take their “heads out of the sand,” they will be working a 6 or 7 day work week, 12 to 16 hours a day, with no benefits, no insurance, no child-labor laws, no OSHA standards, no Clean Air & Water requirements, and we will all be working for $75.00 per month.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather die free, than end-up a capitalist slave!

“The bottom line” is that workers have to be well fed, paid a fair wage, and appreciated for their work.  Henry Ford, the pioneer of American manufacturing understood this, but his productivity lesson has largely fallen on deaf ears in the modern era.  Sequestration austerity measures in America are destined to create political unrest, but it remains to be seen whether the American people will be duped into believing it’s all the fault of corrupt liberal Labor Unions, or whether the turmoil will yet again revitalize all of the political and social  movements listed above who have grown stagnant since the 1970s.  I say take a few lessons from the multinational corporation’s own playbooks, and take the fight for fair wages, safe working conditions, clean air and water, etc. to the next level – i.e. go global with manufacturing reforms, fair wages, safe working conditions, and clean air & water.  In other words, maybe it is finally time to “even the playing field” internationally, and make manufacturing conditions in Bangladesh comparable to those in Detroit.  Oh, I guess the corporate elite in America have already done that, but clearly not by making America (or the World) more prosperous, safer, or cleaner!


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