US Treaty with Tripoli, 1796-1797

US Treaty with Tripoli, 1796-1797

There are those who believe America was always founded as a “Christian Nation.”  They do not recognize the “establishment clause” that prevents the US Government from establishing Christianity as the National religion of America.  (See below)

“The Establishment Clause is the first of several pronouncements in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, stating,

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. . . .

The Establishment Clause is immediately followed by the Free Exercise Clause, which states, “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. These two clauses make up what are called the “Religion Clauses” of the First Amendment.[1]

The Establishment Clause has generally been interpreted to prohibit 1) the establishment of a national religion by Congress, or 2) the preference by the U.S. government of one religion over another. The first approach is called the “separation” or “no aid” interpretation, while the second approach is called the “non-preferential” or “accommodation” interpretation. The accommodation interpretation prohibits Congress from preferring one religion over another, but does not prohibit the government’s entry into religious domain to make accommodations in order to achieve the purposes of the Free Exercise Clause. ” (Wikipedia).

With that said, the link above provides clear proof that the “Founding Fathers” did not think of America as a “Christian-only” Nation.  Not to piss off my Christian family & friends, but perhaps religious tolerance should be reconsidered for the preservation of the Union.  If the Founding Fathers thought it would be a good idea to avoid supporting any one religion over the other, perhaps they were on to something.  Seems like the Judeo-Christian  / Muslim conflict is smoldering, and that global oil demand could be the ignition source to start WWIII if we don’t remember to be moderate in our approach to other cultures and religions.


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