Letter to Army General Keith B. Alexander, Commander NSA & US Cyber Command

Date: 07/13/13

To: Army General Keith B. Alexander
National Security Agency and US Cyber Command

From: A Concerned US Citizen

Re: National Security Agency Monitoring of American Citizens Private Electronic Messages Without A Warrant

Dear Sir,

When did we become the enemy of the state? Or, rather, when did the state become the enemy of the people? Do you and those that you are working for have no shame sir? Our Founding Fathers are likely rolling-over in their graves due to the damage you are now inflicting on the founding principles of our Republic. 
Did you not take an oath to defend the Constitution in your military Oath of Enlistment?  Do you not see a contradiction between that oath, and the broad espionage you’re agency is now engaged in against all Americans without “probable cause” or a judicial warrant?  When did the American people give you the power to negate their constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to protect them from a perceived threat of terrorism? 

I hope a Special Prosecutor is appointed and Congressional Hearings will shed-light on the “black activities” your agency is engaged in, and that they will provide you with a speedy court-martial.  Furthermore, I know you were likely following orders from others further up the “chain of command,”  from  likely more than one administration.   Thus, I would hope all parties involved (who allowed Americans to have their private electronic correspondence monitored by the NSA without sufficient probable cause and a warrant) would ultimately face criminal charges themselves.  Anyone involved in this conspiracy,  abused their discretionary powers given to them by the American people, and should be held accountable. 

General Alexander, you are a modern-day Benedict Arnold, because in your apparent genuine desire to protect America from threats at home and abroad, and to preserve “safety and order,” you have betrayed America’s most cherished principles of freedom.   I would try to locate your contact information to send this letter to you personally, but it occurred to me you are already reading my correspondence.  So much for freedom of speech, protections against unreasonable searches and seizures, and our right to privacy in what was once the “freest country in the  World.”   Congratulations Sir, you have made the NSA America’s own worst enemy!



The American People


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