United States Covert Involvement in Egyptian Coup Least of Our Concerns: Does Presidential Approval of National Security Administration’s Monitoring of All Americans Post-911 Reveal “Military-Industrial Complex” Has Finally Won?

Recent political events in Egypt have left some wondering in what manner and to what extent was the United States involved in the military coup that toppled democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi?  After all, we have been sending them $1.5 billion dollars a year to aid their military, we just sent them four more fighter jets to do “who knows what with,” and the Muslim Brotherhood, despite having a democratically elected President in office, did not support America’s goals in the region.  So should anyone be surprised if the CIA or some other more covert organization associated with the U.S. (and possibly other EU nations) didn’t find a means to influence politics in the region, and give the “green light” to a military coup?

However, after looking at the “bigger picture” domestically and internationally, it appears with President Barack H. Obama’s defense of the National Security Agencies monitoring of all electronic communications globally without a warrant, that America’s Constitutional form of government has finally been toppled by the military-industrial complex.  Is it not readily apparent to anyone who has ever taken a Constitutional law class that Army General Keith B. Alexander, Commander in Charge of the National Security Agency and Cyber Command is in direct violation of his military “Oath of Enlistment.” He swore to “uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution from all threats foreign and domestic,” but he apparently does not realize he has become the very threat he swore an oath to defend America from!

America’s tyrannical abuse and over-reach of authority has been going on for longer than we might imagine, and thus, when NSA monitoring is juxtaposed against the tactics and modus operandi of the George W. Bush administration, the picture of what went wrong becomes clearer.  Since 911, the Patriot Act has been utilized as a means to enhance NSA monitoring and justify direct violations of the US Constitution.  The fear of terrorism, whether justified or inflamed, has been used as an illegitimate means to justify violations of the American Constitution and the Geneva Convention.  “Enhanced interrogation techniques” – a.k.a. “water-boarding” – i.e. torture – has been deemed by our government as a legitimate and lawful tactic for obtaining sensitive and valuable information from suspected terrorists.  Secret prisons “black sites” have been utilized in Poland and Romania by the CIA outside of US jurisdiction to interrogate prisoners using these “enhanced techniques.”  Likewise, these “black sites” and the military prison at Guantanamo Bay have been utilized to detain Americans and citizens of other nations suspected of plotting, engaging, or aiding terror suspects (but without any form of due-process or outside international jurisdiction).  At Guantanamo they are now force-feeding suspected terrorists to keep them alive, but won’t let them have the right to face their accuser or see the evidence against them!

Take a moment to let these state sanctioned violations of the Constitution set in.  Then consider the two coup attempts America failed to successfully orchestrate abroad against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and Fidel Castro in Cuba.  Why were these different than the coups against Manuel Noreiga, or Salvador Allende in Chile?  The answer, they failed rather than succeeded.  But it is clear, America has a long history of quashing democratic efforts in other countries by aiding or engaging in covert coups.

The U.S. government’s attitude towards democracy in Chile is best summed up with Henry Kissinger’s famous words: “I don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country go Communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people.”

Likewise, why would they stand by and watch a country go Islamic fundamentalist “due to the irresponsibility of its own people?

Add the false propaganda spread by the Bush administration and perpetuated by an all too willing mass media looking for headlines that initiated the preemptive war in Iraq.  The war in Iraq wasted thousands of lives and billions of dollars in tax money, but it provided a means for America to seize control of lucrative oil contracts once the dictator they had aided went rogue.

Next, consider the most recent covert special-forces assassination of Osama Bin Laden, a mass-murderer for sure, but he was killed without any apparent attempt to bring him in for trial.  This fundamental violation of our American principles of justice is perpetuated by the recurrent drone assassinations of people’s in sovereign nations like Pakistan whom we have not even declared war against.   And now, Egypt’s democratically elected pro-Islamist regime has been toppled, and some wonder if America is somehow involved.

In this context, when all the misinformation is washed away, it seems silly to banter over whether or not the Obama administration wants the mass-media to call Egypt’s Presidential ousting a “coup” or not.  Egypt is just one small piece of a much larger puzzle, because clearly, there are hidden forces behind the scenes utilizing America’s military, mass-media, and super-surveillance capabilities to engage in both a domestic and international conspiracy to over-throw America’s Constitutional form of government, and United Nation’s authority over international affairs.

Why hasn’t the Hague not called George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld to face their international war crimes at the International War Crimes Tribunal?  Why is Obama not being called there for violation of international law regarding his approval of drone strikes on Pakistan?  Domestically, does anyone recall the upheaval recently caused by questions pertaining to whether it would be acceptable to use drones on American soil?  Rand Paul was wise to filibuster on the issue in the Senate.  But why then does the U.S. Congress now seem so reluctant to call a Special Prosecutor and hold Congressional hearings on Edward Snowden’s accusations of NSA monitoring of all Americans without probable cause or a warrant?  Is this not the biggest threat to American liberty and privacy to arise in our own life-times?

It would appear far too many are painfully oblivious to the fact that America’s military-industrial complex is now beyond international reproach, and the New World Order will be implemented via the tyranny of America both domestically and abroad.  American-Exceptionalism cannot be exported globally without assimilation (or repression) of all citizens of all countries abroad to the military-industrial complex’s primary goals.  Personal political freedoms will be thwarted, while economic freedoms will be encouraged to maximize the capitalist free-market system.  The New World Order will not be one of greater freedom for all humankind, but rather, a compromise between American free-markets, and Chinese Communist ambitions to create a classless society where democratic expression, and “the will of the people” is quickly quashed and kept in constant check to prevent costly economic instabilities.

Can the tide be turned at this critical juncture in the American empire’s ascendency to global imperialism?  Currently, America’s “cocoon of corruption and economic despair” are a Trojan Horse for the American military-industrial complex to use as a subterfuge to appear weak both at home and abroad as the width and breadth of their power both domestically and internationally grows stronger.  Some US political leaders and citizens (and citizens and leaders of countries abroad) are starting to recognize and speak-out against the growing threat of the American empire, but they are outliers, or considered traditional rivals of America.

Also, the UN and the International War Crimes Tribunal have not made sufficient strides in directly condemning America’s flagrant and repetitive violations of international law, nor are they likely to do so.  America is “too big to fail” economically, and too powerful to cross militarily, and so at a time when they appear to be on the verge of economic and perhaps political collapse domestically, they are on track to dominate world affairs for decades if not centuries to come politically, economically, and militarily.

Thus, if a “monkey-wrench” is to be “thrown into the works” by the American people (or others in the global community who recognize the threat), then it had better become a political reality sooner rather than later, because those who might have the courage to be true Patriots in the future are now being monitored by the NSA (and other international agencies in other foreign nations).  And rest assured, if they perceive a legitimate threat to their plans, they will come knocking at our doors in the middle of the night like they did in the times of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong.  If you don’t believe me, just ask recently over-thrown Egyptian President Muhamed Morsi if opposing points-of-view will be tolerated within the New World Order.

Edward Snowden’s recent NSA revelations are a wake-up call for anyone who values their right to privacy, or doesn’t think the US should blatantly violate international laws to combat terrorism.   In other words, the “cat is out of the bag,” but it remains to be seen whether enough Americans (and citizens of other nations) will be willing to recognize they are all “frogs in the frying pan” regarding their future political and personal freedoms.   I see a truth few see right now, but I don’t want to be the next Charles Horman either.  Ultimately, I (and I’m sure many, many others) will be happy if the “test of time” serves to prove my assertions and arguments (in this instance) wrong.


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