This 4th of July “Smells” Different

On this 4th of July, wouldn’t it be nice if our government didn’t seek to suppress American citizen’s 1st Amendment rights (freedom of speech, press, assembly) by violating their 4th Amendment rights (freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures) with unconstitutional NSA monitoring of the internet, postal service, and phone & text messaging? Is it that surprising more and more citizens of America are taking a Charlton Heston perspective on the 2nd Amendment, right at the moment in our Nation’s history when our government has taken perhaps it’s greatest steps (since it’s founding) towards the complete revocation of the Bill of RIghts?  Technology is now being used by our government to monitor people’s most private moments, and thus, the 3rd Amendment has been made a moot point by the super-surveillance powers silicon-valley has bestowed upon the NSA perhaps unwittingly – but wasn’t the internet originally constructed by the American military?  In an information age where one’s innocence or guilt is predetermined by public opinion long before a judge ever sees any evidence, we are presumed guilty and have to prove ourselves “beyond a reasonable doubt” innocent if we speak out against our government.  Likewise, if we are being monitored for “guilt,” without a court warrant, then if we ever find ourselves in court for what was “over-heard,” then we cannot plea the 5th (because we have already incriminated ourselves) or rely on our 6th Amendment right(s) because not only has a fair trial become impossible, but the courts will be so over-loaded that a “speedy” trial will never be possible again.  Does any of this seem like a cruel and/or unusual punishment to you?  I don’t know about you, but just because it is not specifically written in the Constitution that the NSA cannot monitor my library selections, e-mails, text messages, face-book messages, twitter “tweets,” or this blog, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have the freedom to exercise my 9th Amendment rights (to have broader freedoms than those specifically written into the Constitution).  So, this 4th of July, please join me in encouraging our government to let the states have their jobs back, and the people of these not-so-United States should regain the courage to not let fear push them towards a “safety and order” society whose ever-encroaching government will surely destroy their freedom. 

This 4th of July, contact your Congressional representative, and compel them to throw-off the chains of the Patriot Act (passed in a time of great fear), and as an independent minded citizen of America, empower yourselves to be the ultimate “check” on tyranny yet again.  Due to decades of international law violations, America does have enemies abroad, but our greatest enemy to freedom has proven to be much closer to home.  If recent headlines have not yet convinced you, rest assured the War on Terror has evolved into a perpetual war upon everyone who has a contrary opinion to the ruling elite of the Western world.  Either you are with them, or against them, there is no middle ground.  In other words, because of the American Government’s current abuses of it’s authority both at home and abroad, it is now difficult for thoughtful patriotic Americans to enjoy a 4th of July barbeque today without having to hold their noses (and their tongues) due to the pungent stench of tyranny that pervades the air of what was once the “freest country in the World.”  Nevertheless, celebrate with me our Nation’s independence today, but remember, the fight for freedom (and sufficient independence to pursue happiness and preserve our way of life), is just beginning yet again my fellow citizens.             


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