The “Globalists” of the World: A Political, Economic, & Spiritual Paradigm Shift

The Argument:

If there has ever been a time in our species existence that we needed to change our way of thinking to adapt to our current hostile global environment in order to ensure the survival of the species, it is now!  When you look at the Earth from space, as an astronaut would see it, you don’t always readily make out national boundaries, and these “primitive” territorial boundaries based on instinctual, biological, “mammalian” territorial instincts must be intellectually transcended so that we can survive as an “enlightened” animal species.  Currently, the full potential of all the human “capital” (potential)  on the earth is wasted, because there is a scarcity of wholesome nutrients, clean water sources, adequate housing, and affordable health care throughout large parts of the world (even in First World countries like America).  Likewise, basic essential needs for survival to ensure all humans on the planet that are capable to productively contribute to the “greater good” of the whole are actually able to, are not being efficiently and effectively managed by the world’s current political and economic institutions.  Thus, what I suggest is a complete paradigm shift in our way of thinking of the world politically, economically, and spiritually.  In other words, we need to take a giant leap forward in our progression and enlightenment as a species, and recognize our cultures, colors, and other exterior differences are superfluous and minimal at best, when one looks under the microscope, and realizes the extent of our similarities regarding our genetic code.

The New Political Paradigm:

For this reason, I propose a new political paradigm in which we establish a One World Humanity, we can call ourselves “globalists,” and if multinational corporations have been allowed to operate for years virtually without any real border restrictions, then certainly we should have the same freedom as they to “roam the planet” as the fish, the birds, the great herd animals of the plains, and so on.  How, some may ask, could we possibly begin the transition back to true “planetary freedom?”  Why don’t we start with a Global Summit with all the leaders of the world tasked with the responsibility of establishing a new global government.  They would be locked into a room, and not allowed to leave until they had come to a working compromise that everyone could agree on.  They would have to create a “founding document” that could be inspired by some of the world’s best country-specific Constitutions, but it would be important to begin to think of the countries of the world as “states” of the Federation (or Confederation)?  If the European Union was able to do it, and the American colonies did it, then lets do it yet again, but on a complete global scale.  I won’t try to work out all the details here, but by utilizing our best and most brightest minds as our inspiration, we could devise new political and economic methods to ensure less resource scarcity in some parts of the world, and to maximize the utilization of full human potential in the areas of the world where people are languishing without the essentials for survival, without good jobs, and without hopes for a better future simply due to which country or region of the world they were born in.  For clearly, current economic improvement immigration opportunities are too restrictive and complicated for most citizens of most countries of the world to be able to afford or negotiate without costly legal assistance, and that is why they often feel compelled to migrate illegally.

The New Economic Paradigm:

By transcending the old political paradigm, every citizen of the world can then be provided with greater economic opportunities and a better quality of life.  By relying on the latest modern technologies globally (and not isolated in specific regions) super computers, solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal, tidal, bio-energy, hydrogen, and hydro-electric power can all be harnessed to resolve much of the world’s current political and economic problems.  Indigenous ways of living should still be learned, practiced, and incorporated or interwoven into the technological mosaic of political, economic, and spiritual change, but to supplement human survival strategies rather than create unnecessary conflicts between groups seeking divergence from the greater human cause of species preservation.

Likewise, costly wars and conflicts arising from our dependence on antiquated fossil fuels that have led to unsustainable population explosions in the 21st century, and the advent of a new form of corporate colonialism, could also finally be resolved.  This progression could then help to nullify the modern Christian, Jewish, Muslim “crusades” of the past, present, and future, initiated largely due to conflicts over land, oil, and spiritual intolerance.

Of course, real world-wide economic opportunities could only be achieved by allowing all qualified individuals the complete freedom of migration to where the economic opportunities are actually located across the globe regardless of their color, creed, or religious affiliations.  However, economic migration patterns of human capital could be more efficiently and effectively realized by using super-computers and qualified personnel to cross-reference quantitative and qualitative skills and abilities in the world’s labor force, with the specific needs and job opportunities located within specific regions of the world.  Of course, there might still be a need for “customs and border” personnel, but they would largely serve to facilitate the expedient processing of world employees to their appropriate work designation locations across the globe.  Global workers would of course have the freedom to decide if they wanted to take the job offer or decline it, and other issues like moving expenses, family packages, etc., would need to be addressed in a sensitive and humane fashion.

The New Spiritual Paradigm:

Regarding Spirituality, if the philosophers are right, and Science does become the new religion for a “new world,” then as Globalists, we will need to recognize as one of our founding principles in this new era that Science will likely never be able to explain everything, even Albert Einstein believed in some form of creative and/or destructive force, and thus, a tolerance for diversity of faith will still need to be valued.  On the other hand, religious and spiritual differences of opinion and faith shall not be allowed to flourish at the cost of global peace, for surely those who preach intolerance and hate, those that preach death and destruction, and those who advocate such behaviors from their congregations are the true founders of global terrorists.  Thus, the incorporation and assimilation of the human species towards a spiritual mind-set of acceptance (or at least compliance) with the new “globalist” paradigm (of a one world humanity) shall of course be mandatory in order for the survival of the species, but tolerance for variances in how one practices their faith regarding their interpretation of the creative / destructive force(s) within the Universe will be broad for the purposes of ensuring a creative outlet for individual and cultural expressions of faith and freedom (as long as they strive to unify human-kind, rather than to divide us into warring factions).

Proposed Preamble to the New One World Humanity:

We the people of the world, in order to form a perfect union, do establish and ordain this Constitution of the United Countries of the Free World, to establish global justice, inure international tranquility, provide for the world’s defense, promote the common welfare we all share, secure the blessings of global freedom and preserve the diverse species of flora and fauna found perhaps only on this planet to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Federation of Earth.

The Transition:

If we evolved from stone-age hunters and gatherers, to agriculturalists, from agriculturalists to cultural hearth civilizations, from cultural hearth centers founded around essential agricultural resources (like rivers), to political and economic city-states using bronze to conquer their rivals, from Grecian democratic city-states using Reason to elevate our freedoms, to Roman empires and Asian Dynasties consolidating power, to Mid-evil fiefdoms forming into vast monarchies via the Crusades, and ambitious explorers making voyages of discovery that led to the rise of colonies, states, global empires, nation-states, and even multinational corporations, which led to resource depletion and scarcity in some parts of the world, and excessive resource usage by the elite, then certainly we can have the courage and fortitude to recognize when it is time to make a course adjustment, and take the next progression in our ascension towards greater global awareness and species preservation for the greater good – a.k.a. it is time to become “Earthlings,” “globalists,” or “multinational citizens.”  Whatever we want to call it, the time to take the next evolutionary step within our own minds, by transcending our antiquated political, economic, and spiritual mind-sets (and institutions) has already passed, and our massive extinction-event will arise quickly and have devastating consequences on our civilization and our progression as a species (much like the plague that hit Athens during the Peloponnesian War) if we don’t heed our planet’s dire warnings now!  Over-population, global warming, the spread of highly contagious organisms, massive species extinctions of diverse plants and animals, plastics in our food and water supply, and a general lack of progress in the creation and implementation of effective defense strategies to protect our planet from ourselves (and other external extinction event dangers – asteroid impacts with the earth’s surface), requires that we act quickly, decisively, and globally to alter our own political, economic, and spiritual mindsets for the very preservation of our species.  Thus, join me in the transition now, and we will evolve together towards a greater level of awareness, humility, and respect for diverse cultures, but with a plan of action for protecting us all from ourselves and the awe-inspiring but hostile Universe we now know we live in.  We are on this “ship” together hurling through Space, and we will “sink or swim” together, thus we had better figure out a way to all “get on the same page” in our evolution before our “last chapter” as a viable species on this planet is “written” in our own lifetimes.


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